Assessing Department

ASSESSOR:  Angela Story

The assessor is available in the office every Thursday from 9 am-noon.  However, a record card can be obtained anytime by calling the township office during regular business hours.  The assessor can also be reached at 269-207-2590.

Please be advised that every year the assessor visits 20% of the township’s parcels to maintain and update the township records.  Maintaining good records helps to insure the township from ever having to pay for an expensive reappraisal.  Please be aware that updating the information does not result in higher property taxes.  Due to Proposal A of 1994, a property’s taxable value cannot increase more than the Consumer Price Index or 5% whichever is less, per year.  The two exceptions to this is when a property has a transfer of ownership and/or something new was added.

Currently the assessor is working in approximately sections 23 to 115.

2023 Land Valuation Studies

2023 Economic Condition Factor Studies

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